3M™ Polystyrene Insulation 78 Spray Adhesive

  • Doesn't degrade polystyrene
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Product Details

3M™ Hi-Temperature Polystyrene Foam Insulation 78 HT is a high strength, high temperature resistant, industrial grade spray

Safe and Easy Insulation Attachment
We designed our 3M™ Polystyrene Insulation 78 Spray Adhesive to be a high-solids, high-coverage formula that is capable of bonding similar and dissimilar surfaces. With the help of an effective lace spray pattern, this adhesive will bond expanded polystyrene (EPS) to themselves and other surfaces, including concrete. Plus, it won't dissolve or degrade foam. 3M™ Polystyrene Insulation 78 Spray Adhesive creates a high temperature resistant bond. With a bonding range of one to 30 minutes, there is sufficient open time to let you position parts.

Other Recommended Applications Include

  • Foundation insulation
  • Polystyrene block assembly
  • Attaching foam to wood and other substrates
  • Proven excellent for roofing and landscaping
  • Styrofoam cores for composites

Your Polystyrene Adhesive
3M™ Polystyrene Insulation 78 Spray Adhesive is capable of bonding polystyrene foam onto a wide array of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, wood and much more. This spray adhesive has been proven to work well for projects both large and small.

Cylinder Spray Delivery
3M™ Polystyrene Insulation 78 Spray Adhesive can be used with our 3M Cylinder Spray Adhesive system. Each cylinder is self-contained, pressurized, and ready for immediate use. Available in a variety of sizes, they’re portable and require minimal equipment investment and maintenance. Our cylinders help increase your productivity with fast application and no time-consuming equipment setup. The applicator and hose connect quickly and allow you to start spraying immediately. Our new high output applicator with controlled wide web pattern for fast coverage. The wide, uniform spray is the optimal pattern to deliver effective and economic use of the adhesive. It minimizes any pooling for even curing. 3M has a complete line of innovative sprayable adhesives that support a wide range of industrial applications, from aerospace to woodworking.

  • Doesn't degrade polystyrene